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Management Concept

  • Efficiency: Emphasizing pragmatism, high efficiency and creating common value for the enterprise.

  • Quality: Maintaining a high sense of responsibility, paying attention to details and constantly striving for excellence.

  • Cost: Establishing cost consciousness and striving for reducing expenditure to increase income.

  • Service: Service is the guarantee of lasting trust.

Operation objectives: Becoming the world's leading automation equipment supplier.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission: We are focusing on automation industry innovation and making great contribution to global intelligent manufacturing.

  • Vision: We are committed to becoming a century-old enterprise where employees enjoy their work and pursue excellence.

ShuFeng Value:

  • Serving Customers :We are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every customer.

  • Integrity and Loyalty:ShuFeng insisted on "taking virtue as the first" in employing people, and only those who were faithful and trustworthy could take on the cause.

  • Professionalism and Pragmatism: Professionalism represents the ability to serve customers, and pragmatism is the key to transforming customer needs into customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: Team operation is a powerful power to achieve "1+1> 2" performance.